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The following material was compiled sometime before January 2010, and has been categorized for ease of reading. It all comes from the now-deleted community called Deleterius, and was saved in a document on my computer (labelled 'notesquotesdeleterius', if you're curious.) I believe there are more quotes hiding somewhere; if I find them, I'll add them in. If anyone else has surviving material—quotes, reports, anything—feel free to either send it to me to add in or post it somewhere yourself and add a link to the list here.

Kelly )
Assassins )
On Suethors and Sueish Racism: a Conversation (or most of it) )
On Sue Names and Heredity and the Flaws Therein )
An Excerpt from Harry and Ron's MST of a Sue Named Emily )
Excerpts from the MST of Raven the Sue )
Snape/Sue Fics and My New (Old) Headcanon )
A Snippet from an MST By 'M' and 'BD', or In Which Harry Smirks )
Bad Guys and a Sue Named Cherry, aka Ideas DawnFire Wanted to Write )
A Comment By Brightshadow (aka DawnFire). Witness the Incredulous Use of Three Exclamation Points! )
The End! (for now...)

Divisions are approximate, but hopefully accurate. Nothing has been edited, beyond the divisions. If you know who wrote any of these, please feel free to tell me, as I have no idea, and I'll attribute it. Other than that, hope you enjoyed!



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